Island Shores

Vancouver island is separated from the BC coast by several Straits: Juan de Fuca Straight, Haro Straight and the Straight of Georgia on the south  lsland, Johnson Straight on the central lsland, and Queen Charlotte Straight on the north lsland.

The waters between the mainland coast and the lsland are dotted with numerous islands, large & small. Among the incredible narrows found here, is Seymour Narrows, just north of Campbell River, where Ripple Rock was blasted to ensure safer passage of vessels.
The wild & wet lands of the Island’s west coast are covered in ancient forests of giant trees, where some of the world’s tallest


trees still flourish. It’s a beautiful place…  a place of waterfalls and hidden lakes, a place of mists and moss covered trees – a place of wonder.

The west coast is speckled with many small lslands, bays, inlets, hot springs and native villages. Its large rivers travel from the mountains to the sea, fed by coastal rains. These mountains average around 800 metres in height, with the Golden Hinde (the Island’s highest), exceeding 2,200 metres.The west coast is carved by many inlets whose bordering mountains soar from sea to sky.
Pacific storms that pound the west coast throughout the year and even more so in  winter, are laden with moisture that must be released in order to rise up & over the lsland’s mountains. The west coast, or as we call it “the wet coast”, thus receives much more rain than the east coast, and truly is a rain forest.

The islands dotting the shores off Vancouver Island have their own unique histories, legends, and stories. From ghost towns to old logging camps, they are just waiting to be explored and rediscovered by visitors & locals, alike!

The lsland has an enviable array of spectacular beaches for you to enjoy. Tourists flock to our renowned beaches, such as the west coast’s Long Beach near Tofino, and the surfing beaches of the southwest coast. The northern beaches, are a challenge to access, but then that is why they are so phenomenal!

l have explored many of these remote spots, to often find that l’m the only one there…. See for yourself, just how beautiful these areas are! Stand on any of these beaches, and look out to sea – you’ll view an astonishing range of sea life: whales, otters, seals, and so much more.
There are many mountain trails on the Island, that can take you up into the high country. Any one of these exhilarating trail hikes could be considered a journey of a lifetime!

There is so much to see and do, here…. Just step outside your door, and you’re on your way to being part of the limitless wonders that are Vancouver Island.