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Angel Wings

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Angel Wing Mushroom, Vancouver Island, Photo By Robert LoganAngel Wing Mushrooms are shelf like, white, fan shaped mushroom. It is a very thin fleshed mushroom which feels dry and smooth to the touch. they may be slightly hairy on top.

The gills are crowded and narrow and descend to the stub like base and range in color from white to cream and the spore print is white.

Angel Wings are one of my favorite wild mushrooms, if only for their beauty alone.

Thereís something magical about walking through our Vancouver IslandAngel Wing Mushroom, Photo By Robert Logan rainforests, sparkling from a recent rain, and spotting the bright white Angel Wing Mushrooms among the green moss covered trees.

Angel Wings have more to them than just their beauty though, they are very tasty as well, but be careful when you clean them, as they are very delicate, fragile and break easily.

Angel Wing MushroomsThey look a lot like small Oyster Mushrooms, but are far more delicate and thin. They are one of the easiest mushrooms to find here on the island, they are easy to identify, easy to harvest and they grow everywhere.

Please make the effort to learn this mushroom. It is a wonderfully edible mushroom. They are very mild, have a nice aroma, with a scent of moss, and are quite sweet.

But as with all wild edibles, the first time you try them, donít eat large quantities. Wild mushrooms can cause physical distress, even if completely edible and choice, they just effect people differently. It should be noted that some people are allergic to the Angel Wing mushrooms and they can get quite ill from eating them.

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