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Welcome To Vancouver Island


Vancouver Island has much to offer for those who love the outdoors. The fishing (both fresh and saltwater) is good  just about anywhere you go and theFishing On The Salmon River, Photo By Bud biking and hiking trails are almost unlimited. We have some of the best climbing mountains in the world and if you ski/snowboard, our  ski hill on Mount Washington regularly has one of the highest snow pack in the world and quite often is open for skiing till July 1st and Mount Cain up in Woss is known around the world for its natural beauty. So get out and see for yourself, what the island has to offer.

    If you just want to go swimming or camping, or maybe you want to cast your line in and fish. Well, we have some wonderful lakes, rivers and campgrounds for your use. Accessing these places is for the most part very easy as we have numerous logging roads that are open to the public but please drive carefully as some of these roads active logging roads.

The Worrior, Painted By PR Logan The Island offers many outdoor activities such as canoeing, white river rafting, whale watching or try the best steelhead fishing in the world. 

           The  Island has some incredible artists (both native and non native) who paint and carve in a variety of styles. Look in the local galleries to find out more.

           We have created categories for Animals, Birds, Lakes, Plants, Rivers, Trails (both hiking and biking), the Island Shores and the islands Trees. Vancouver Island Mountain Stream, Photo By Bud

Visit the Tourism section  to learn more about Vancouver Island or learn how the site came about.  You can meet some of my friends and visit their pages from the links section or visit the Islands Parks or find Island Trails. You can visit the Islands communities on both the  North Island and the South Island on the Tourism section.

You can visit the Island shores section to learn about the The Bays, The Coves, The Estuaries, The Inlets or The Outer Islands.

   Vancouver Island is the largest island on the west coast of North America. It is a little over 32,000 square kilometers in size and is 460 kilometers in length, Two Black Tail Deer Bucks, Photo By Robert Logan35 to 80 kilometers wide. The Island offers up a variety of opportunities for viewing wildlife. From the ocean shore to the tops of the Islands mountains.

 Plus there are many ways to view wildlife during the seasons like the salmon runs in the fall or baby fawns in the spring. All you need to do is step into the forest.Red Legged Frog, Photo By Robert Logaqn

Then there are the marine waters around Vancouver Island with excellent whale watching opportunities, especially for orcas or the Pacific Gray Whale migration along the west coast of Vancouver Island.

All five species of Pacific salmon migrate to the east and west coast of Vancouver Island to Harbour Seals, Photo By Robert Loganspawn in the Islands rivers.

Over a million birds travel the Pacific Flyway and many more live on the Island throughout the year. There is the large spring migration of Brant Geese or the wintering mute Swans.

Vancouver Island is home to the endangered Vancouver Island Marmot, with a population of less than 200.

In remote areas of the island, you can see Black Bears, Roosevelt Elk, Bald Eagles, Marmot, Black Tail Deer, Wolves and Cougars.

In fact, there are several wild animals that are not seen anywhere else in the world. For example, the Vancouver Island marmot and the Roosevelt elk are unique to Vancouver Island. Black Bear, Photo By Robert Logan

Chanterelle Mushroom

Vancouver Island has many plants and mushrooms to view and eat, mushrooms have been consumed by man down through the ages. Certain varieties have inspired cooks to create incredible dishes.

Other varieties have deadly qualities sought out by dark souls and yet others have hallucinogenic properties that shamans and healers and more recently recreational drug users have sought out with enthusiasm. Finding Chanterelle or  perhaps Pines from the high country or maybe some Morels and taking them home for the frying pan is something to look forward to. We have listed both edible and non edible for your education.

If you know something about the Island and its not on the site, please e-mail us about it and we will try to put it up on

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